BTN Aussie Accents

This BTN story was about Aussie accents.

You may think that the Aussie is one of a kind but there is actually a lot of different ways people say it! For example, people could say it posh or in a really Aussie/country accent. It all started when people first came to Australia. They all spoke differently and others weren’t used to it. The next generation heard all these accents and pulled them all together to create a new one. The next generation did the same… and the next, and the next! But the question is, will our accent change in 50 years time?

100 WC Week #27


My Ultimate Adventure would be to fly into a world of lollies. I could bounce on a marshmallow into the fairy floss clouds. I could slide down a snake, visit the Milky Way and swim around in a Chocolate waterfall. My best friends would be Freddo Frog and Caramel Koala. I think I would make my house out of different kinds of chocolate but I would live somewhere a little cold so my house wouldn’t melt. My world of lollies would be AMAZING. The song that would be playing everywhere would be Good Ship Lollypop by Shirley Temple.


BTN Class Clowns

This BTN story was about some high school kids wanting to become professional comedians.

Being a class clown and getting laughed at is not a good thing for a lot of people, but the kids in this story are aiming to be one. Class Clowns is a national comedy festival for younger people. The person who wins the competition gets to perform and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Getting up on stage in front of a whole crowd can be quite scary so Randy (a comedian) was called to help these kids through the process. Most of the people just want to make people laugh and this career will get them right on track!


100 WC Week#26


“Where is this pizza shop dude?!”

Me and my buddy Fred where traveling all over looking for this pizza shop. We have not eaten since the morning and have gone all day without food. We were STARVING!!! If we don’t find this pizza shop soon, I think I will faint! We have been searching for hours when I saw these other guys walking and as they turned the corner one of them said

“Hey, why don’t we eat at that pizza shop?”

Fred and I looked at each other then we sprinted to where the guy was just pointing to. WE FOUND THE PIZZA SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!

Gala Sports

In previous weeks our 5/6’s have been training hard for Gala Sports. There are four sports to play. There is Volleyball, Softball, Cricket and Bat tennis. My team was the Volleyball team. Every day for the last two weeks, we have been practising at recess and lunch to improve our game. My team and I have practiced very hard.

Friday the 6th of March and Friday the 13th of March have been Gala Sports Days. That means that twelve schools come together and compete with each other. The Volleyball, Softball and Cricket teams went to Fairbain Park and the Bat tennis teams went to St Monica’s School.

In our matches, we were all fired up ready to play. I think we did very well. The Volleyball team had two sides because there were so many children, so we rotated every each game between the two.

On the 6th, we were supposed to play three games but my team only got to play two due to the time. In those games we won one and lost one The other Moonee Ponds team played three games and won one, lost two. We were all very excited, but I think our excitement made us loose focus. We practised very hard the following week.

On the 13th, we played four games and won every game except one. The our other team won two games and lost one. We were all very excited to get back on the court. I was extremely happy with our whole Moonee Ponds team because I know we all tried really hard.

Overall, we came seventh out of twelve which I  think was and an awesome effort! We all tried really hard and I’m so proud of our outcome!

our team playing



BTN Colour Blindness

This BTN story was about a boy who is part colour blind.

David is partly colour blind. He has trouble telling red and green apart from each other. The reason for this is because our eyes have cones and rods. The rods allow us to see light and movement and the cones allow us to see colour. We have three cones. One allows us to see red, another green and another blue. When together we can see different colours. 1 out of 12 boys get colour blind and 1 out of 200 girls get colour blind. I wonder if you can ever grow out of colour blind.


100 WC Week#25


My horse is green. The reason for this takes me back about a month ago. See, there is a very, very big drain pipe next to our farm and my horse went to explore it. She carefully trotted down into the pipe and jumped into a green swamp. She swam around in this green, mossy water for a little while then emerged from the water looking like a green monster. When she eventually came back, her coat was green. In fact, everything was green! And now, a month later, it is still the same case.


BTN Kid Business

This BTN story was about a boy named Lochlan and his business he is running at the age of 14.


Locklan designs and sells is own clothes. His brand name is Size Seven. His style is Tie-Die and he has some modern things too. His makes t-shirts and hats. He started his own little business with a small website and now his clothes are in shops! If Locklan’s clothes are in stores now, how long ago did he start making them?

I find his style very cool. If you want to watch the whole story go to

Or if you want to check out Lochlan’s website go to


100 WC Week#24

Yay! We are finally going to Thailand!

I was so excited! We had just boarded the plane and we were about to go. Mum and Dad had been talking about going for years and now we finally are! I am so happy we are going!

Nine hours later….

We are about to land! I fasten my seatbelt then looked out of the plane window. We are flying over Thailand now and it looks absolutely beautiful! Soon we are gliding down the runway and we came to a stop. My family and I came out of the plane and to our hotel. This is so cool!