100 WC Week#30

I love my pet lion. He is so cute! Whenever I come home from school, it’s so exciting to see him. He has his own little drum. He is only a cub but he thumps it so hard and it’s really funny. Once, I played his drum and he danced around the room. I was laughing so hard my ribs were hurting. His favorite food is cornflakes. One time, I gave him his food and he stuck his face in the bowl and one little cornflake sat right on his nose!

I love my lion! He’s the best pet ever!




BTN Reef Funding

This BTN story is About saving the Great Barrier Reef.

The Federal Government said they were going to chip in 100 million dollars toward saving the Great

Barrier Reef. The reef is in danger because of a lot of reasons. Extreme weather could damage it,

Climate change could heat the water and kill animals and Pollution could do the same thing. There

are also things that people are doing to destroy the waters like fishing and poaching, farm chemicals

and sand being dumped everywhere in the reef. A nearby school are breeding tropical fish to save

them. It is difficult but they are determined to do so.

The Great Barrier Reef is a beautiful and unique icon so I hope that we can save it!








100 WC Week#29

“Wow! How do you find that?” Chloe asked excitedly.

There was an old treasure chest in my arms. It was wooden with a big padlock and chain around it.

“Well,” I started to explain “Sarah and I found this really old treasure map in the garage. It sort of looked like this house so we decided to follow it. We came to the corner of the backyard, and we saw this little X. We dug a hole and found this,” I passed Chloe the map.

“Awesome!” She exclaimed.

“Now we just need to find a way to open it….”

B.T.N Skating Prodigy

This B.T.N story was about a boy called Keegan and his awesome life as a skating champion.

Keegan is 12 years old and his is one of the best skaters in Australia! Just at 9 years old, he won the under 18’s championship for skateboarding. Recently, Keegan competed in a competition with a broken arm but still did very well. Keegan is home schooled because he and his family can’t juggle school and traveling for competitions.

As you can see, Keegan is a very inspiring kid. Follow your dream like he did!

100 Word Challenge Week#28

“Wow! Isn’t it beautiful,’ said John, hypnotized by the dazzling horizon.

“It is just magical,” replied Mary also entranced by the gorgeous scenery.

The couple were on a cruise together accompanied by their dog Gucci. The cruise would stop in the UK and there were only an hour until it did so everyone treasured their last moments on the ship. For what seemed like minutes later, the boat horn blew which meant it was time to leave the ship. Nobody wanted to leave but they did hoping one day they could come back to this gorgeous place.

100 Word Challenge Week#28