BTN Quarantine Laws


This BTN story is about Johnny Depp’s dogs, Pistol and Boo and why they’re causing such a drama.

Johnny Depp was just flying over to Australia to shoot his new Pirates of the Caribbean movie with his two gorgeous little dogs, Pistol and Boo, when he got stopped at the airport and was ordered to put the dogs in quarantine. He refused. So agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce had to get involved. He said if Johnny Depp didn’t put his dogs in quarantine or take them back to California, they would put them down! Quarantine is a place where all sorts of animals, even plants, get put when coming from overseas. They do this to make sure the animals and plants don’t have any deadly viruses that could spread and kill everyone. Pistol and Boo didn’t have any and got back to California safely.

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100 WC Week#34

I’m scared but intrigued. My sister and I had discovered a mysterious box in the garage. It was basically just a small, brown, cardboard box with a lid but something inside it was scratching! We cautiously edge towards the box.

“Do you think we should open it?” asked my sister in a hushed voice.

“Yeah, let’s do it,” I responded in the same half whisper.

So as she lifted the lid I braced myself for what would come. But it was only our family cat, Fluff, trying to escape he box he was trapped in.

“Fluffy!” I squealed “You scared me!”

BTN Hip Hop Influence

This BTN story is about Hip Hop and how it is the most popular music genre.

Hip Hop is cool dance style and is very popular too. Some people love it and some people hate it. Kids from age 10 are starting to rap and are really good. For some people, hip hop and rapping is like expressing themselves in a different form but for some it’s just for fun. You can rap about almost anything and do any dance to the tunes and that’s what most people love.

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100 WC Week#33

“That’s the fifth time!”

My friends and I were kicking a ball around the school oval. We were standing on the other side of the oval, far away from the fence, but the ball kept flying out of the school. My friend, Zac, had gone to get the ball and was heading back to us now.

“Let’s hope this one doesn’t go too far!” I wished

Zac kicked the ball. It looked like it wasn’t going too far… at the start, but the ferocious wind picked the ball up and carried it so far away we couldn’t see it anymore.

“Oh man!” We moan.

Buddies: Rainy Day Activities Thursday 4 May 2015

In today’s Buddy session, we were meant to play sport however it was raining and we couldn’t do that. So, we asked our Buddies what they like to do on a rainy day. They replied with reading books, drawing pictures and a whole lot of other rainy day activities. After that we went up to the Library and read some books, drew some pictures and had a quiet little chat with our friends. Even though it was a cold and rainy day, it turned out not so bad.


BTN, Bust a Move

This BTN story is about a dance studio called Bust a Move (BAM). It is for disabled people to get up and have fun!

BAM is a studio where disabled people go and dance. They are actually pretty well known and got invited to this year’s Special Olympics in LA. But this isn’t the first time they went. Two years ago, BAM was invited to go to the Special Olympics in Newcastle. They did an awesome job and had the time of their lives! They performed on a stage in front of 40 000 people! They love to dance so they enjoyed every second of it.

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100 WC Week#32

I love flying. I love stretching out my wings and feeling the wind rustling my feathers. I’m soaring through the sky and I hear shouts of laughter coming from below me. I go down to check it out. As I land on a nearby tree stump. I watch two boys playing with Lego toys. Then I realise, there is a toy at my feet. I slowly pick it up and take it to the two boys. When I put it next to the littlest boy, I spread my wings, and I take off into the clouds. Ah, back to flying.


This BTN story was about an 11 year old kid named Rhys who is a DJ!

Rhys goes by the name Black Summer. He is a DJ at just 11 years old. He gets his tracks played on Triple J Unearthed, an ABC radio station. The station gets a lot of great music from all types of people but not from an 11 year old. Flume, a famous DJ sent a message to Rhys saying that his music is awesome and that he should keep at it. Rhys was so happy that he got this message and on top of that, his music was playing on a radio station!

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100 WC Week#31

“Wow! Isn’t she beautiful! And look at that hair!”

The Royal Baby had just been born… with hair! This is really unusual for a newborn. The hair was blonde, soft and at shoulder height. But that’s not as long as it’s going to get.

At 10 years of age, Charlotte, the princess, had hair twice the size of herself. Then at 15, it was trailing at least a kilometre behind her and at 20 you could hardly see the end.

How would you like to have hair that long? Would you like it, would you not?

BTN Anzac Biscuits

This BTN story is about Anzac Biscuits.

Anzac Biscuits have a long history. They were made just after the soldiers came back from Gallipoli. Legend has it, the Biscuits were sent to the troupes on the Western Front because they did not need to be refrigerated and could last a long time. Anzac Biscuits were also sold at fetes to make money for the War Effort.

To make Anzac Biscuits, your main ingredients are rolled oats, sugar, flour, melted butter and golden syrup.                                                                                                                                                                                   Firstly, you mix all dry ingredients together, then you add water, bi-carb soda, melted butter and golden syrup.

 After the hard bits done, you put it in the oven and wait until its golden brown.

I hoped you enjoyed reading about these yummy biscuits!

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