100 WC Week#35

“Wow! So many flavours!” I yell in excitement, overwhelmed by the explosion of zest.

It tastes weird, like really weird. It tastes sour and a little bit sweet but it makes my tongue tingle. It’s hard and strong, sort of like a rock and I think has some sort of sourish powder in the middle, maybe sherbet. It slowly disappears in my mouth while I suck it away. This is what I taste when I put the new Wizzy Fizzy lolly in my mouth. Like I said, it’s really weird but I really love it!


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4 comments to 100 WC Week#35

  1. RainbowRaccoon says:

    Wow very good bo post. What was the subject for the blog this week?

  2. Black banshee says:

    Great use of speech marks. Instead of using but, you could use a semi-colon.

  3. Redtrex says:

    Great use of commas and clauses, very discriptive. Try to use more action.

  4. RainbowRaccoon says:

    Was the Irony ‘ but it makes my tongue tingle?’

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