Author Visit, Adrian Threlfall

Today, (26/08/2015) we had an author, Adrian Threlfall, come in to talk to us about his books. Since this week is book week, our school has bought him in to teach us about his books.  He told us about is journey to publishing his two books, “Reg Saunders” and “Jungle Warrior”. The book he talked about most was “Reg Saunders”. Reg Saunders was the first ever aboriginal man to become an army officer. He had a very hard life. Reg fought very hard in the war and he also had to deal with a lot of racism from other people. Although he loved his job because he didn’t have to deal with racism because it doesn’t matter what color you are when you’re defending your country. He was a hero.

Adrian also talked about his life as a part time author. He said that, being an author, he didn’t get much pay, so Adrian work as a lecturer at a university and also at the Shrine of Remembrance. Anyway, it took 4 years to publish “Reg Saunders” because he had to firstly, find out information. Secondly, write about the book. Thirdly, get illustrations and lastly, actually get it published. It takes a long time to get your book on the shelf, so if you plan to be an author, make sure you have the time.

Here’s a link to more information about the book… 



Coastal Ambassador Tree Planting Excursion

Today (19/08), the year 5’s and the year 6 Coastal Ambassadors went down to the Moonee Valley Creek to plant some trees. The reasons we did this was to block the rubbish that comes down into the creek and to also provide home for animals such as possums, insects and other small creatures. Doing this will also help our Coastal Ambassadors with their environmental project.  When we got there, we broke up into groups of 6 and started to plant some tress. There were about 300 trees to plant. In our groups, we had an adult leader. My groups leader was Neha. Neha taught us how to plant trees correctly and helped us out when we did it. My group probably got to plant about 15 – 20 trees.

I think the experience was really good for the year 5’s to see what we can do to help save the environment. Everyone got to plant something and I think it was really fun and enjoyable. I loved it because it isn’t something I would normally do and to know that I am helping the earth environmentally is really rewarding. Everybody was having a great time and this excursion turned out really successful!

BTN Fairy Houses


This BTN story is about a 14 year old girl who has her very own business!

Samara is only 14 and she has a business called Enchanted Fairy Houses. She has been making fairy houses for about 3 years now and has decided to make a business out of it. Samara lives in Bali and does all her work and workshops over there. She is so good at creating fairy houses that she has made a book about it. She donates 10% of her earnings to the royal children’s hospital and is very supportive of her community. A question I have is re there many businesses run by teenagers?

100 WC 18/08/2015

“Wow, it’s incredible!”

“I know right!”

Julia (my best friend) and I were on a vacation… in Africa! My Dad went a couple of years ago and he wouldn’t stop bugging me until I went. I really excited I’m here now.

“Let’s find our hotel, It’s getting dark,” Julie suggests. We walk and walk, then find ourselves very much lost.

“Where are we?” Julie asks.

“Don’t know” I replied. Then I remember the advice my father told me.

If you’re in trouble, or hurt or need – go to the poor people. They’re the only ones that’ll help – the only ones.”  Hopefully this will assist us.

BTN Greece in Trouble

This BTN story is about Greece and its financial struggles.

Lately, Greece has had a bit of a hard time financial wise. This is because they have already spent all their money on things and don’t have any left. Now, some of the other countries in Europe have been trying to help Greece out by giving them some loans, and their prime-minister has agreed to this. Most Greeks don’t want this because they know that they’ll have to pay it back at one stage or another. But for now, Greece is quite poor and their money is de-creasing. At the moment, the jobs in Greece are highly un-paid. I wonder if Greece will be able to re-pay the money?

100 WC 11/08/2015


I’m screaming in excitement.

“I should call Lilli!” Lilli’s my best friend. She’s as crazy as me.

“Lilli! Guess what just happened?” I yell to her.

“A car was speeding out of control, then superman flew you to safety!?” She yelled, just as excited as I was, (still she knew nothing about it though)

“I won the lottery!”

“What!? OMG!!!! I’M COMING OVER RIGHT NOW!” She screamed, so loud I pulled the phone away from my ear. That nigh we talked forever about what we’re going to do with 1 000 000 dollars.

BTN, GST Rates

This BTN story is about GST, what is it and how it may start rising.

Firstly, GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. Goods are most simple things like food, water and clothes. Services are things that people do for us like Taxi Services, Schools and things like that. The GST tax means that 10% of what we pay for our goods and services go straight to the government to use on other things. The GST tax normally makes about 50 billion dollars a year! Tony Abbot, our prime minister, wants to raise the GST rates just a little higher but all the other states must agree to this. A question I have is, has the GST rates risen? If not, will they?

100 WC 05/08/2015

I wish I had known you when you were a little kid, maybe you were more playful. I wish I had known you when you knew and felt what happy was like, maybe you would have been more of an enjoyment. I wish I had known you when you adored the company of family and friends, when you didn’t care about what anyone thought, when you lived life to the fullest, loved everyone you know and cared for. I wish I had known you before it happened, before you left to go to the war.


This story was based on a kid who’s father left for war when he was born. When he came back, he was a different man.

BTN Economics

This BTN story is about teaching primary school students about economics and why every school should do it.

A lot of the world’s economies have gone bad and people want to teach kids how to avoid it. Knowing what to do and how best to do it can make a huge difference in your financial life but to get it wrong could cost you. Teachers want to teach these kids this because they want them to know about adult problems before they happen. If more people make better financial choice, its less likely that any financial crisis will occur. I wonder if every Melbourne primary school are teaching economics.