100 WC Week#7

“I’m sorry Amy, I can’t do it.” I say, firmly, to my little sister.
“No, I can’t,”
Suddenly Amy burst into tears. She was screaming at the top of her lungs.
“I’m sorry, Amy. I have homework. Maybe tomorrow.” I reassure her, but she’s still flooding. I attempt to say we can play afterwards but she just wouldn’t stop crying.
” Maybe I can play for a little bit,” I say in defeat.
“Okay! Yay!” Amy cheerfully says. We go into the next room and have fun… At least half of us.

Scientific Lab Report


To observe what happens when light reflects off a mirror after passing through glass.


We believe that the light will travel through the glass and reflect off the mirror. We believe this because the glass is transparent.


  • Torch
  • Glass
  • Mirror
  • Ruler


  • Set light,glass and mirror apart 15 cm centimeters (make sure they’re lined up straight).
  • Turn on light source.
  • Set light and mirror 15 cm apart and turn on light source.
  • Observe/ Record  the outcome of both experiments.



As soon as the light beam hist the glass, the light started to fade. Whereas without the glass, the light started to fade at around the 20 centimeter point which is further then the glass. The reflection without the glass is a lot stronger then it is with the glass obviously because there is less light traveling through the glass.


In our research we discovered that sun rays are initially blocked by the glass apart from the 50% that is able to travel through. When that 50% of light passes through, it tend to fade as soon as it does. The only way to stop a light wave is with something that will actually absorb or scatter the light. With glass, there is not much there to either absorb or scatter the light so it just carries on through as a faded beam. The reason it fades and doesn’t completely disappear is because glass has a small amount of electrons. Electrons are what absorb the light and with a small amount, like glass, it can’t absorb all the light in total so the rest of it keeps traveling through the glass.


In conclusion, we discovered that light does travel through glass due to the electrons inside it. Our research was quite helpful with this experiment and it was interesting doing it.

100 WC Week#6 20/10/2015

Dear Diary,

Guess what I got today? The thing I always wanted, a phone!! Having a phone means everything to me. It doesn’t only mean that I get to call and text, but it means that my parents trust me and have given me a chance to be independent. When I got it, it felt like a new relationship between us which allows me to look mature in my parents eyes then like there little baby daughter. So, this might not be a big deal to you, but it is to me and I’m feeling good about it.