100 WC Week#11

It’s Christmas! I love this time of year. Not because of the presents or Santa or anything like that but because of all the cool (and quite weird) decorations. Me and my family always go out around Christmas and look at all the lights lit up at night. One of my favourite times was when we went out and saw a massive white sheep in the middle of the highway. It was definitely one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. We took heaps of photos because, after all, who has ever seen a giant, inflatable sheep’s head before?

100 WC Week#10

“Okay class, Now I want to write about your worst fears.”
My mind instantly knows what I’m gonna write about. Even thinking about it makes me shiver.
I look over at my best friend, Megan, and she knows what I’m thinking
“I still don’t get it,” she says as we walk to our table. “How could something so tiny be that scary to you? I don’t understand it,”
We’re start writing and I’m basically trembling already. I put the title up the top of my page. I look and he word and shudder…


100 WC Week#9

I walk in the old, rundown home. I hope he’s here.
“Grandpa? Are you there?”
I keep searching. This is place he’d go to. Since he got sick, he doesn’t remember he lives with us now. He’s gone to his old home… I think.
I pass his red, overly dusty curtains. I remember those. Grandpa sometimes took them down for me to wear as a cape. I smile as I relive those memories.
I walk up the creaky, crooked staircase and call out to him again.                                                                      “Grandpa?”                                                                                                                                                                        I open the bedroom door and walk in.

Oh no.

School Captain Application

Dear Classmates,

My name is Alexis and I have been at this school since prep. Some of the previous roles I’ve had at this school is being an SRC representative for 3 consecutive years and a Communications leader as of this year. These roles have helped me develop some skills to being a good leader and I hope I can prove this to you by being your new school captain.

Firstly, I’d like to talk about my organisation skills. Being organized is one of the most important things I’ve learned in my past years at this school. Organization means you are prepared for the unexpected and ready to make changes. I’ve had a bit of experience of preparing and running events from my time in SRC and I feel I did my job well. Last year I was one of the people running the dance club and we had a fair amount of kids there. The other leaders and I had arranged specific things that we would run independently but almost half the team was absent. Worrying and stressing was not the way to deal with things so I ended up running about three times more of the activities than I had planned. But it seemed to go well because we had even more people attend our club the following week. I learned in that situation that you always have to be ready and that organisation is key.

Secondly, I’ll talk about my Communication Skills. Communication is vital in the case of being a School Captain. You need to be able to connect with the many students, teacher and parents of the school community. Not to mention the broader community of Moonee Ponds. I have a very big family and it consists of people very much younger or older than me. Every time we’re together it feels like we’re more than family. We talk nonstop and seem to know everything about each other. I feel I have a way with connecting with people and getting messages across to them. I have always been able to talk to people no matter what they’re age and I enjoy it so much. In regards to working with groups, I believe that everyone should get an opinion and that everyone listens to it. I believe everyone gets a chance to be heard. As I said earlier, I have a large family so communication is important to me.

Now, I will talk about adapting to new experiences. I am all for trying new things. As I said before, everything deserves a chance. I would be looking forward to conducting meetings, running events, connecting with others and so on. Doing new things excites me because it means I can expand my learning capacity and have fun whilst doing it. New learning experiences also means I can develop skills for myself to use in the future. It would be a great learning curve for me and I am determined to give everything a try.   In previous years, I have learned all new things such as, being a Buddy, being a part of the SRC, preparing school events and much more and I think now’s my chance to take my learning experiences to a new level.

Thank you for listening,

Kind Regards, Alexis

Prepared Speech – Gina Rinehart

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen of 5/6 B. Today I will be presenting to you my prepared speech on Gina Rinehart.

Georgina Hope Rinehart is an Australian mining business women and, at the age of 62, is the richest person in all of Australia and the #127. The source of her wealth comes from the mining business, Hancock Prospecting, a company founded by her father, Lang Hancock and was established on the 25th of November 1955.

After the passing of her father in March 1992, Rinehart inherited the company and became the chairman of Hancock Prospecting, which initially means she was and still is at this moment, the president of the company.

In 2012, Gina Rinehart was the richest woman in the world but then in 2013, due to the dropping prices of iron,  she was ranked fourth richest and by 2014 she was ranked sixth richest. Sources say that she earns about $598 per second which results in earning over 1 million dollars every half hour! Rinehart’s fortune is now so big, that if she stopped earning money and spent $1 million per year, her money would last her for 29,170 years.

The great thing is that with all her money, Rinehart still donates a lot of it to good causes. She likes donating to charities, foundations and she even contributed $30 million dollars in donations and sponserships to the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics and many other funds.

Thank you for listening to my prepared speech.

100 WC Week#8

Many years ago, it is said that there was an enchanted forest in the middle of Rio, Brazil. It is rumored that only the future leaders or heroes of our world can survive in it. Once, an evil assassin tried to disprove this by surviving a night in the forest. I’ve heard many different stories of how he died. Some say he starved, some say he couldn’t stand it and committed suicide and some even say that the forest itself killed him. I don’t know which to believe but I know that one of them is true.