Nature at it’s Nicest

Nature at it’s nicest,

no grey clouds, rain or snow,

the sun was at it’s highest

and was in no rush to go.

The breeze was nice and fresh,

whispering in my ear,

the roses looked their best,

swaying there to here.

The clouds looked soft and fluffy,

bouncing in the sky,

the bushes seemed scruffy,

but still pretty, that’s no lie.

Nature still survives,

always at it’s finest

and that’s how I’d describe,

nature at it’s nicest

6 Room Process

Our goal for this lesson was “I understand and experiment with sound devices and imagery in poetry,”. We achieved this goal by going through the 6 Room Process which I will explain.

Room 1: Image/Photography

Room 2: Lighting and color

Room 3: Sounds

Room 4: Questions

Room 5: Feelings

Room 6: Reflect and find the most important thing to you.

Using all these steps, I managed to create a poem.

The land, open and abandoned,

No one to be seen, anywhere,

A wish, waiting to be granted,

Just some people, even a pair.

The wind howled in sorrow,

the trees swayed themselves to sleep,

both hoping better for tomorrow.

but for now, they’ll sleep deep.

After we created our poems, we reflected on our goal. Here’s my reflection…

I learned about the 6 room process and the features you look at. Something I found difficult was Room 4, questioning the picture in my head. I couldn’t really think of any questions. I think my favorite room was Room 1, image and photography. I found it quite fun. This lesson as enjoyable.