100 WC Week#8

I back into the corner of the room. Surely my eyes are bewitching me, but all the same I am scared out of my wits. I can smell the scent of gas slowly creeping through the cracks in my door frame. Then comes the smoke. At first it’s hard to realize then it is filling my room, likely to suffocate me at any minute. It has a green tinge to it and it is swirling around and around like some kind of dancer. It seems to be swimming through the air straight towards me. That’s it. I’m finished.

SRC Application

Good morning 5/6B. Today I will be telling you about the qualities I have to being a good SRC representative for our class. I will be talking about my experience as an SRC, thing that I could take from being in SRC and the commitment I would give if I were to have this role

Firstly, I would like to say that I have a lot of experience with this role. I have been involved in the SRC for three consecutive years being years 2, 3 and 4. In this time I enjoyed the responsibility that was given to me and was happy to commit to it. It felt good to be involved with committee knowing that I had a chance to express my opinion to what I feel would be good for the school. I would love for me to have that chance again this year and to also have a chance to see what other people believe to make the school even better.

Secondly, I feel I could get more out of being an SRC this year than the other years I have been on board. Since this year I’m in year six, I would be one of the older kids on the council and I am able to take on more responsibility. One of the reasons I would look forward to this is to develop a skill to be able to manage all that extra responsibility and homework since I with children all different ages.

Lastly, I feel that if I got this role I would be committed to it. I don’t only mean that I’m prepared to give up my lunchtime or something like that, but I am committed to sharing my opinions, contributing to discussions and getting my point across for the good of the school. This role isn’t just about running clubs and organising fundraisers, it’s about sharing your thoughts on what you think would be good for our school and I think I am one of the people suited for that role.

In conclusion, I feel that I am best picked for this role because of my experience, the things I could learn and the commitment I would give.

Thank you for listening J

100 WC Week#8

The door opened and there it was. I couldn’t make it out at first then my eyes adjusted to the darkness. It had a sheet draped over half of it like it was in a rush to be hidden, well it probably was. I slowly creep over to where the old, wooden chest sits. There is a small, circular symbol on the top of the chest that I instantly recognize it. It is the same symbol that is on the necklace that both my parents wear. I slowly open the chest and reveal to myself what’s inside. Wow!

100 WC Week#6

Ashley stormed up to her house after the worst day ever. It was her twelfth birthday and absolutely no one remembered, apart from her parents, but that’s all! Not even her best friend Emma, remembered and she always remembers! Like always! After all the years they’ve known each other she’s never forgotten, so why today? Ashley runs up the steps to her front porch and unlocks her door. She marches in, throws her bag down and looks up. She was shocked to see all her friends and family gathered in her living room waiting.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!!” Everyone cheered.

Letter to Lee

Hi Lee,

How great is it there I’m in your class again this year? I think this year will be a good year since our class is really easy to get along with. I have been with a few of our classmates in other classes but there are still a few more that I’m looking forward to getting to know this year. I’m also looking forward to our concert this year because I think we can do a really good job with all talent we have in our class.

It sounds like you had some nice holidays this year. I like your cat, Lilly. She is really cute! I used to have a cat but he was always grumpy and didn’t really like people who didn’t give him food. Your trip to Tasmania sounded nice. I don’t really have family in another state or country so I don’t really go away as much. Everyone is close which is really nice. Anyway I hope you enjoyed your holidays.

Something important about me (which you most likely already know) is that I love to dance. I love absolutely everything about dance. I love all styles from ballet to hip hop, I love dancing them or just watching them, I love teaching them or learning them, I’m obsessed with dance and all there is to do with it. It makes me feel so happy and positive because I’m doing what I love. It just gives the best feeling.

These holidays started how they do every year. We’re with Mum up until Christmas Morning then Dad picks us up for 2 weeks with him then we go. Since we don’t have Christmas Day with Mum, all the family on that side comes down to my grandma’s house on Christmas Eve and we celebrate then. The next evening was probably the most exciting part of my holiday. We went to see Cats a musical that I absolutely adore. I love the musical because they are constantly dancing and incorporating all different styles. I was so excited when I was there and its was so cool when one of the cast members waved at me. I also enjoyed watching Delta Goodrem perform in the musical too. It was a great night. When the performance finished we drove to my grandparent’s house and my sister, brother and I stayed there for a couple of nights. The rest of the holidays as basically spent at the beach where my dad and stepmother have a property they just bought to rent out to people, it needs a bit of work though. Another thing that happened over the holidays was my sister’s 21’st birthday! We had a family celebration down at the beach then she had a party with the rest of her friends and close family. It was a fun night.

One of the main things that happened with Mum was that we went down to Bright for a week. We went with our uncle, aunty and cousins and at one stage my other uncle came down with his girlfriend and my grandma. It was really nice down there and it was very hot so we spent most of the time in the pool. We went into town for a bit and went to the river but that’s about it. We always go away with each other on the holidays and it’s always really great. After our week away we basically didn’t do anything else over the rest of the holidays. We just stayed home and relaxed which is something you do need to do after a while.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my letter and that you may know a little bit more about me then you did before.

Here’s the link to the post on Lee’s Blog