100 WC Week#15

Dear Diary,

What a day!

The streets of Rio were packed for the beach festival. Thousands of people were crowded in the streets dancing to the live music pounding through the speakers, easily heard from a few miles away. Everything was so bright. The decorations, the stalls, people’s clothes, the people themselves! Even the bins were a flourishing green. It was all just a blur of bright, florescent colours.

Tasha and I were mostly on the beach today but tomorrow we’re gonna go on a mysterious adventure! I’m not sure where, Tash didn’t tell me.

That’s all for now…


BTN Governor-General

This BTN report is about the Governor-General and the very important job they fulfil.

Peter Cosgrove is Australia’s current Governor-General, which means he is currently the Queen’s representative for Australia. This is a very big and important job and must not be taken lightly because even though the Governor-General does not have much say in how the country is run, they do have a lot of power. For example, under circumstances, the GG is able to fire the Prime Minister if something critical happens. They are also very busy people. The previous Governor-General went to two or more events every day from the time she started the job until the time she finished.

For this job, you would need someone very responsible and reliable to take up the position. Peter Cosgrove is the perfect man for the job. Before retirement, General Peter Cosgrove served in the defence force for a long time and even became its chief. He is known for leading forces in East Timor and helping the country become independent in 1999. Then after he retired, Cosgrove led the clean-up of Cyclone Larry in 2006 amongst many other things.

A question that I have around this topic is does the Queen have a say in who represents her?

100 WC Week#14

I creep into the small, dusty, old attic and make a move. I don’t have much time. I scurry across the room, the creak of the floorboards under my feet. My eyes sweep through all the junk up here, darting across every visible inch.


Right over in the far corner is where the case lies. It’s tiny, wooden and quite delicate. I creep over to it and open it. As it screeches back I put my hand in the box and feel the smooth, cold silver against my fingertips. I grab the key and race back downstairs, undetected.

100 WC Week#13

Studying, studying, studying. Finals is in a week and I’m not so prepared. I’ve been revising constantly in the past day or two and nothing else has crossed my mind. I am writing down notes now when I realize something is little different. The full stop seems a bit strange. I looked at it closely and, unbelievable as it is, I see the tiny dot get bigger. I rub my eyes to make sure I’m not seeing things but the spot just grew and grew. I shut my book and lie down. Before I know it, I’m asleep.

BTN Nelson Mandela

This BTN report is about Nelson Mandela and what motivated him to stand up for his pride and beliefs.

Back a few decades ago, South Africa had a white population of only 16%. You would think, with the statistics, that wouldn’t affect the South Africans, but you would be wrong. Rugby is the nation’s favourite sport and guess who gets to play? Only the white people. The team that represented South Africa in their beloved sport was entirely made up of white people because the others “aren’t good enough”. Also, in their own country, black people were only allowed to live in certain places, go to certain schools, work in certain jobs and could never be elected into government. Nelson Mandela didn’t agree to this and took action by standing up and leading others to do what is right for them, their pride and their religion.

So, as you can tell, racism was a big thing for South Africa a few decades ago and that didn’t sit well with Mandela. He led his followers to fight the government of the country and do what is right. Being the leader of this uprising Mandela was jailed for life, but this didn’t stop the others. His actions influenced a lot of people to stand up for their beliefs and culture. The fights kept spreading and peace was still far away, but that started turning around when the President of South Africa let Mandel out of jail after more than 27 years imprisoned. Because of all the brave things he did for his country, the people of South Africa elected Mandela as their first black president. Having this power he decided to use it to put some things right. So, when the time came for the Rugby World Cup, South Africa had a new multi-racial team, bringing both black and white people to against all odds, win the cup.

Nelson Mandela was a great man so a question I am left with is what other good things has he influenced people to do?