100 WC Week#20

Every day is another misery. I’m the least liked person ever, my job is a joke and I have no friends. Life sucks. No one ever wants to talk to me, let alone notice me and I have been lonely forever. I guess I’m used to it though. All I do with my life is sit on a bench outside a park next to a plain, old statue and even he looks like he’s trying to get away. I think of trying to change it all that but then I remember I am, and always will be, Michael “No Life” Spencer.

A goal I had for this writing is to make the reader feel a sense of loneliness. I tried to describe my characters life in an upsetting and depressing way so that you would feel pity for them. I feel when I put his name, Michael “No Life” Spencer, you would understand he is quite alone. Not because he doesn’t make an effort, but because the that the others who could just ignore him.

The Letter

She stands on the sidewalk, nerves taking control, while she contemplates her decision. If she does it if she sends it, there is no turning back and she may be anxiously waiting forever. But if she doesn’t, if she leaves everything to be, she will forever been wondering what could have been, what she could of done. Thoughts rattle through her head, slipping away just as she grasps on to one. She looks around in despair as if she can see them all swimming right before her eyes. The something changes. Her face hardens. She’s made up her mind, it’s done.


“How do we know this is real?” my brother questioned. He is holding the tiny note as far away from him as possible. He acts like it’s some disease he doesn’t want to catch. He’s in denial, he doesn’t know how to react.

“Josh, how many times, in our whole life, have we ever received a letter… from anyone?” I suggest.

“Well twice, including this one.” He murmurs.

“Exactly! Hardly anyone even knows we exist! So if there is someone in this world who is claiming to be our mother and sending a letter to us to come find her, there’s a pretty high chance that this isn’t a joke.” I say, starting to get a little eager for him to agree.

“I know, I know. It’s just…. nothing like this has ever happened to us before.” His voice is very low and sounds concerned. He is still in a stage of shock.

“I know but that’s why we have to follow this up. In a matter of days you could have your real mother back. I know it’s been 12 years since we have seen her but don’t you just want to be back with her?” I ask, anxiously waiting on his answer.

“Yes, I guess I do,” He confesses.

“Good,” I reply with relief, “Then we leave at dawn,”

“Tomorrow?” Josh asks in shock.

“Yes, tomorrow.”


We go to sleep without a word, preparing ourselves for the journey to come. We will be travelling by foot for about 5 days then, we should have reached ‘5 Perain Road, Appleby’, the address attached to tiny letter. I toss and turn all night thinking then re-thinking my decision but in the end I know, deep down, that I must see my mother again.

We set foot as the sun rises the next morning. We trek up hills and across lands for three hours until we break. There isn’t much we need to carry. Our small food supply that should only just last us our trip, a few bottles to fill with water on the way, a change of clothes each and the letter. Shared amongst the two of us, the weight is nothing, nothing compared to our nerves and all the weight hanging on our shoulders.

The next few days are tough. Josh is on the verge of defeat but as his older brother, I know I have to stay strong, whatever the cost.

“Michael?” he calls from a little behind me. I slow down to match his pace. “What happens if this is all just a stupid joke?”

“It won’t be, I promise.” I comfort him.

Yeah, but what if it is? We trusted this just to get blown off. What next?”

Trust me Josh, everything will be fine.” I promise him.

“Ok,” and we die into silence. I can still see him bothered about it but I don’t bring it up. We keep walking.

There is only a few days left in our hike. We’ve travelled through bushland, desert land, and all-types-of-land. As much as we want to, we can’t give up now. With only a day left, we keep walking.

Today is the day. If I have this right, today we should get to see our mother. We arrive at a quiet city, not to many people. We stop by a fountain for some water. Sweet, sweet water that I have missed for days. With only little left, we had to become strict with it. We set into town, ready for what’s to come. I ask people around and show them the address that arrived at our door a week ago. They show us the directions and we follow them carefully. My nerves build up and I get quite jittery when we arrive in front of a large wooden door. I glance over at Josh and I can tell he’s having the same, tense experience. But deep down, I think we both know that this is our fate. We’ve both secretly been waiting for this for a long time and now, our wishes have come true. I slowly approach the entry, take my shaky fist and knock on the door three times. I hear footsteps approach the door. This is it.

With her feet anxiously tapping under her seat, a beautiful, slightly older woman anxiously and endlessly waits. Her nerves are swimming around her body as she imagines what she will say to her coming visitors. Her whole body is slightly shaking as she thinks about the milestone in her life that is about to take place. She stands up, nerves taking control now, and paces around the living room. She walks back and forth, back and forth about five times until she suddenly stops. There are three slow knocks at the door. The butterflies in her stomach erupt and her heart starts to flutter. She takes long, quick strides down the hallway and reaches her front door. Anxiety rises up through her body, but she pushes it, forces it back down. She takes two long, deep breaths then answers the door. The recognition is instant. The two boys standing in front of her are tall and starved but resemble each other in the strongest way.

She could recognize them from a mile away easily. Suddenly, her respectful, thought out speech vanishes from her mind. Out of control, she jumps forward, tears streaming down her eyes and embraces them tightly.

“My boys” is all she can sob out.

BTN – The Huddle


This BTN is about an organisation called “The Huddle”. It may be small but it does big things for people.

Nine years ago North Melbourne Football Club set up an organisation called “The Huddle” to help refugees and migrants settle into their area. Their goals is to put 110% of their effort into making their clients feel happy and welcomed when they might be in a tough situation. There are around 200 volunteers committed to help these kids study, interact with others and help them develop a sense of belonging.

In 2007, when “The Huddle” was first introduced, North Melbourne FC we in a tough situation themselves. Their economical state wasn’t very high and they were threatened to be moved to the gold coast. But since North Melbourne had already shown their support for those in tough times, the people have returned that favour. Ever since “The Huddle” started, the club’s members had doubled to around 41 000 and their finances became back on track.

Something that I’m left wonder is, do any other teams have an organisation or charity like this? It’s quite a good idea and nice gesture and wouldn’t be bad to do. Personally I’d like to see every club have something like “The Huddle” so why can’t we start now?d

100 WC Week#19

A candle. A flame swaying about like a beautiful dancer, accompanied by the warm breeze of a summer night. The wax, now a tiny pond due to the flame’s continuous burning and the wick of the torch slightly droops. There is a faint scent of vanilla swimming through the air joint by a hint of smoke. The gleam is fascinating from afar but pure illuminating up close. A soft blow of the wind disrupts the glowing candle and as the flame flickered then went out, the firsts signs of dawn started to creep over the horizons into a brand new day.

Simultaneous Reading

WIN_20160525_121733 (2)

I got this hat a few years ago. At first it was just an average beanie then I discovered something.

Once, I wore it to my brother’s football match. They scored many goals and one the game. I thought it was just a coincidence but the next time I didn’t bring it, we lost. So I started wearing it every match up to my brother’s grand finale. It became his lucky charm. In the final, everyone played extremely well and we won by whole lot. From then on, I wore this hat to every football game my brothers ever played.

Goals and Reflections for Semester 1

Here were my goals for this semester..

I’d like to improve on speaking in front of crowds. I could do this by talking in more class discussions and have more confidence. I’d like to improve writing. To help me with this I could read multiple pieces of writing from different styles. Something else would be to take descriptive notes when writing. A simple way to do this is to focus on the major key words. Lastly, I would like to stay organised throughout the year. An easy way to do this is to clean my locker out and to keep tidy books.

Here’s my reflection on how I went achieving them..

This semester I feel I have achieved most of my goals. Public speaking has gotten easier since I’ve been presenting at assemblies fortnightly. For reading, I try to look for new and interesting ways to develop and improve my writing. When it comes to taking notes, I learnt that being descriptive isn’t key and all you really need is to make sure you can understand them yourself. Staying organised wasn’t too hard. When you keep your books or whatever you need together, it all becomes a lot easier.

Here are some goals I have for the future..

Semester 2 Goals

In literacy, I want to explore different styles of writing and start to write in third person. If I look at all the genres of writing, I might find one that I really like. In maths, I have a new method of multiplication and I want to use with larger numbers. I want to try and make my work a lot more efficient than it already is. Personally, I would like to have my homework finished at my earliest convenience, seeing as I have a few out of school activities that can take up a lot of time as well.

Pre Reflection

Regarding literacy, I believe that I have explored different genres and themes and have found certain interests and strengths. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to start writing a new narrative using third person, but hopefully by the end of term this goal will be accomplished.                                                             Moving on to maths, I believed I have completed my goal as I have used my strategy in maths classes and school and also occasionally practicing at home. I have began to become quite confident with my new strategy and believe it has become a strong point.

BTN Photoshopped


This is BTN is about the use of Photoshop and how it effects the media and how people in our world see themselves.

Meghan Trainor a world-wide musical sensation. She is a Grammy Award winner and became famous from her hit single “All about that Base” which was focused on how the media tries to make people look flawless. She is a strong believer in loving yourself for who you are, not the “image you should be”. You should celebrate you for you, not the person others want you to be.

Recently, Meghan’s new music video “Me too” was released to the world. What she didn’t know was that the editors had Photoshopped her waist to make it look smaller. She was very upset at this and forced them to take it down and bring it back to its original image.

A lot of people don’t agree with the use of photoshopping, especially when it’s used in the media. Photo shopped images make younger people feel the need to create unrealistic expectations to what their body should look like. Once again, people should embrace their body shape instead of trying to manipulate it into something its not.

All I’m left questioning is why people do it in the first place. What’s the point in photoshopping something into something it’s not? Why can’t you just except people for who they are?

100 WC Week#18

I emerge from the slimy swamp, my orange pyjamas clinging to my skin. I can still hear the footsteps from the horror behind me. I run into forest, not stopping for a single breath. I rush to the edge, only to find myself cornered in a dead end. At the perfect moment, thunder booms from above my head… then silence, making this situation even more scary than it already is. I stand in terror as a huge, scary clown towers over me.
I awake from my nightmare, drenched in sweat and my heart beating one hundred times an hour. I’m so glad that’s over.

BTN Koala Tracking


This BTN Report is about Koala Tracking and all the interesting ways it is done.

In some certain parts of Australia the numbers of koalas are decreasing. So we need some strong sniffers to help us find them. Maya is one of the dogs they use. She was rescued from the lost dog’s home and is now given a loving family and even a job! Since dogs have better equipped noses and other senses, Maya is perfect for the job. She is trained to sniff out koala poo and separate it from other bush species like possums or other animal droppings. Dogs don’t see j0bs so much as working for something/ someone, they see it more as an opportunity to get some exercise and have a ton of fun. This is the reason why most dogs, like sheepdogs or hunting dogs, have so much energy and stamina which is also another reason they are perfect for these type of work environments.

I only have one question and that is, do most jobs like this require a dogs help or do us humans have it all sorted ourselves?

100 WC Week#17

My eyes snap open. I’m curled up on the floor, at the foot of a seemingly endless, stone staircase. What happened? Am I dead? Is this a dream? Where am I? I straighten up and get on my feet. I take in my surroundings and discover that that’s it.

A staircase.

Everywhere else I look is continuous, eternal nothing. I have no other choice but to go up, up into the unknown. I take the first few steps then reconsider my decision. I acknowledge that there is nothing else to do. Well then, up, up and away!