100 WC Week#20

Every day is another misery. I’m the least liked person ever, my job is a joke and I have no friends. Life sucks. No one ever wants to talk to me, let alone notice me and I have been lonely forever. I guess I’m used to it though. All I do with my life is sit on a bench outside a park next to a plain, old statue and even he looks like he’s trying to get away. I think of trying to change it all that but then I remember I am, and always will be, Michael “No Life” Spencer.

A goal I had for this writing is to make the reader feel a sense of loneliness. I tried to describe my characters life in an upsetting and depressing way so that you would feel pity for them. I feel when I put his name, Michael “No Life” Spencer, you would understand he is quite alone. Not because he doesn’t make an effort, but because the that the others who could just ignore him.

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  1. brynn2016 says:

    inspired by Kate

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