100 WC Week#22

It was the perfect day.  Birds were singing merrily, the sun was shining nice and bright accompanied by the soft, bouncy clouds. An airplane swept through them, gracefully cutting through the middle, leaving one oddly shaped like a violin, at least in my imagination. I was hanging out with my best friend on the summer holidays. We went to the beach, we went to theme parks and to top it all off we had just eaten some delicious, yellow gelato. I’m so glad we came to the Gold Coast. Could these holidays get any better?

A goal I had for this 100 word challenge was to try to make the audience feel a little happier. Lately my postings have been a little depressing or down so this time I feel like I wanted to shed a bit of light over my blog.

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  1. ryan2016 says:

    i really like your 100wc and how you did a goal i think that was really good.I think the goal was make the 100wc really good.

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