100 WC Week#7

This is it. We were so close, but then they kicked the equalising goal. Onto penalties, the soccer ball flying in the net each time, except the last one. Our goalie took an unbelievable dive which costed our opposition the goal. This is our chance. I walk up to the ball, more nervous than ever and take my postion. I run at the ball. My nerves leave me. This is what I’m meant to do. My foot drives through the ball, forcing through the arms of a desperate goalie The crowd’s roars surround me and my team are sprinting my way, faces beaming with joy. That’s when I knew I had done it.

The goal for this 100 WC is to see if I could paint a picture in the audiences head without writing my piece with heaps of descriptive language. I’ve been trying to get people to be able to visualise my writing pieces and I started with simple descriptive pieces. Now, I want to be able to write a narrative and use a  few strong words to really help set the scene.

100 WC Week#6

I love watching the sky transform throughout the day. It puts on a show of extraordinary colours. On a cool, summer’s dawn, the sun will rise and create a beautiful, pink glow, almost like a flamingo. In the afternoon, blue surrounds us, maybe a few clouds, but the sun has always poked its way through their walls. Then at night we lie underneath a sheet of darkness. Black is everywhere, accompanied by the shimmering moon and gleaming stars.

Our world is an amazing place, filled with grace and beauty. To fully achieve life, you must see the elegance it has to offer.

A goal I had while writing this 100WC is to try to make my audience think about the wonderful world they live in and appreciate it. I tried to use descriptive words to really try to set the scene and emphasise our surroundings

BTN Youngest Olympian

This BTN article is about an interesting athlete at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Gaurika, at age 13, is the youngest ever athlete to qualify for the Olympics. The sport she qualified for was swimming, one of her most cherished passions. As per normal, the media has bombarded her with interviews and talks because everyone wants to at least have a glimpse at the youngest Olympic competitor. She feels quite proud holding this title and she hopes the people around her do too.

Gaurika represents Nepal, a country in South Asia and her original birthplace. Over 10 years ago, Gaurika and her family moved to England but after some persuasion, she was given the right to represent her home country.

A future goal of Gaurika’s, as she states in an interview, is to qualify and possible win a medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It would be a great honour to her and she’s hoping for the best. She has already achieved so much, having worked so hard to get where she is at her young age today.

A question I am left with is that is there a certain age you must be to qualify for the Olympic Games? If so, how far off is Gaurika from it? I can’t imagine she could be too far off but, you never know.

100 WC Week#5

I’m flying, soaring over miles of untouched, beautiful land. I pass forests and jungles of tall, green trees with their forever calming sense of peace. Through the forests I see animals. Gorgeous creatures unknown to a life of threat and danger but to innocence and freedom.

I glide over high rising mountains, surrounded by low, misty clouds. I fall slowly in the air and pass the smooth, stone surface of the hilltop. I float across Open Ocean, reflections of the illuminating rainbow sky, bouncing of the water’s surface. As I stare into the water it begins to turn green, mimicking the sky’s thrilling display.

100 WC Special Writing Project Week #3

Today is a special day. Firstly, it’s my birthday, although I don’t know why I’m excited, no one ever remembers or gets me anything, but I can see why. I also start my job but I’m a lot more nervous than I am excited. Everyone keeps asking me, “What do I do?” or “How do I do this?”. How do I know? I know I’m probably the oldest one of the co-workers but I’m only eleven! I’ve still got so much to learn! That is if I can afford to survive my life. Man, I wish there was a better way.