Blizzards – Information Text

This term, our unit topic was “Natural Disasters”. Each 5/6 student was asked to create a 2+ paged information text around the natural disaster of their choice. We were also asked to include what we have learnt in this term about forming and information/explanation text.  For example, using impersonal voice and cause and effect language was asked to be included in our report.

The natural disaster I chose was blizzards and below you will find links to my information text, question matrix and assessment rubric.

Enjoy 🙂

Blizzards – Information Text

Question Matrix

Assessment Rubric


BTN – Working in Defence

This BTN is about getting a little taste of what it might be like working in the Defence Force.

The Defence Force has developed a way to try and get younger Aussie to enlist in their field. It’s a 4 day work experience of learning the ropes around being in the Army, Air Force or Navy. Those who go will spend 1 day in the life of an Army soldier working on camouflage, weapons and many other skills and another in the Air Force aboard a C-17 Globemaster aircraft. Here they get to roam around the plane and even go into the cockpit, both once in a lifetime opportunities. Also, the students who take part in this experiences will get to stay overnight on the HMAS Adelaide ship as part of their practise of being in the Navy. Here they got to talk to people about their life in the  military as well as gaining more and more knowledge of what it’s like to be a part of the Defence Force.

Those students who have been involved in this work experience believe it is a great opportunity and believe that they will be working in this field when they grow older.

I believe giving them a small taste is a great way to encourage more young Aussies to join the military, I just wonder why I haven’t heard of it before? Is it new or has it been around for a while now?

The whole point of this system is to encourage more and more people to join the Defence Force. They have a goal to have 62 000 more people employed by 2025, so if this sounds like something you might want to do, look into it and maybe try out the program. If not, still do it! You’ll never know until you try.

100 WC Week#1

You guys have all seen those movies where the kids have the worst day but then somehow they manage to land a fairy-tale ending? That’s me, right about now. Well, except the whole fairy-tale part.

Firstly, I missed my bus by 15 minutes. Fun, right? So then I had to run to school (a long way) only to get there way after roll call. I then run into class, trip over someone’s legs, fall flat on my face and spill my books everywhere. I thought, “Well this is a great start to the term,” but then I figured, it can only go up from here, right?


In this 100WC, one of my goals was to include a bit of sarcasm. I don’t use it to much in my writing so I decided to experiment with it a little and look for some things I could do in the future with it.

BTN 5 Dollar Note

This BTN is about Australia’s 5 dollar note and how it might be changed a little.

Australian money has been around forever. It’s had the same shape and style the whole duration of its time, but not so much anymore. The Reserve Bank Australia decided it was time for a money makeover. Soon, our 5 dollar note will be slowly replaced by a new one (as will all our other currency notes). It will retain the same shape but have a subtly different style. Some different features include a middle window and two new pictures, the Eastern Spinebill (an Australian bird) and the Prickly Moses Wattle (an Australian plant). So, our note will be getting a new design, but why?

One of the main reasons for this “Money Makeover”, besides the fact that it’s about time, is to strengthen the security levels of our notes. Many people have, and will, try to make copies of money to make themselves a millionaire but the Reserve Bank saw to this years ago and it became the reason why our money became plastic. Anyway, in this new style, a few high security elements have been added. These are basically just to keep people from copying /printing money. Some of these details is the window in the centre, like I said before, there’s micro printing, words printed so small you usually need a magnifying glass to read them, and a star that has seven points (only shown when you hold it up to the light. There are many safety benefits to this new update but there’s also another very exciting addition for some people.

For the first time, money has included the use of braille. This is fantastic news for those blind or visually impaired. The Reserve Bank did this thanks to the work of Connor, a blind boy who campaigned for this to happen. Having heard his arguments, the bank decided that it would be a good idea and have now gone forth and used it in this design.

So, what I’ve learnt from this BTN is that the Reserve Bank of Australia has decided to restyle our currency notes. I recognise that they are quite old and are due to be re-designed. I also learnt that features of this change would consist of higher security and the use of braille, from my understanding, this is to stop people from copying and making their own money by printing or other means. As I mentioned earlier, Australia has planned to re-do all our notes so I wonder how long it will be until we replace them all?