Literacy Circles

This term we are beginning Literacy Circles. It is a short program where we discuss in groups the particular book that was provided to us. Within these groups, everyone has different roles set as homework to be completed by the next meeting, which holds every week. There are 6 different roles, Discussion Director, Word Watcher, Passage Master, Captain/Contessa of Comprehension, Connector and Tally Master. Each week we will be changing our roles until we finish reading the book. This week, I am taking on the role of the Contessa of Comprehension.

The job of the Contessa/Captain consists of creating specific questions to ask the group about the book. Firstly, you must create 3 “Right There” questions. These are simple questions with quite obvious answers, in fact the answers are usually right in front of you. These questions usually begin with statements such as “Who is”, “What is” or “When is”, usually something along those lines.

Secondly, you develop a “Think and Search” question. These questions require your group members to take up the book and read several sentences/paragraphs to discover the answer. It also makes them have to combine information from throughout the book. “Think and Search” questions usually start with “Summarize”, “Compare” or “What Caused”. Something along those lines.

Lastly, you make up an “On My Own” question. “On My Own” questions have answers not in the book at all. These questions require for you to look back to your prior knowledge and find something to support your opinion. There aren’t really any sentence starters for this question because it’s designed for you to make and shape it on your own, addressing the title.

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