Cosmic Discovery – Goals

Scientific Understanding

Science as a Human Endeavor 

I would like to investigate how scientists discovered that Mars could sustain life. I’d like to explore what factors of the planet make it life sustaining, how they come to the conclusion and develop a better understanding about the experiment of sending people to live on Mars. I would also really like to see how this would effect our lives.

Earth and Space Sciences

I would like to study which other specific planets could sustain life also and what components are needed to create a planet that could do such. What makes them that way? What does Earth have that makes it a planet that can hold life and possibly, what do other planets have that prevents them from holding life.

Scientific Inquiry 

Recording and Processing

I’d like to create a table/graph/diagram that clearly explains my research, understanding and information. I’d like people to be able to read my representations and clearly understand what I had learned and what I’m trying o say.

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