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This BTN report is to investigate the inner working of space and what we know.

A few years ago, Russia came very, very close to a meteorite, although it didn’t actually hit so it was just classified as a meteor. Meteors in Earth’s sky may come as a surprise to few, but they actually occur more often than you think. Meteors actually enter our atmosphere multiple times a day at a very high speed. But that high speed and force usually causes it to explode way up really high in the sky so we never really knew it was there. Amazing what we don’t know, isn’t it?

This meteor in particular didn’t just scare people around the world but also was a reminder that we weren’t the only rock in our solar system. This made people wonder, what else is out there? Well to quickly sum it up…

A Comet – a formation of ice and dust which usually comes from the colder, outer parts of our solar system.

An Asteroid – a large rock called metal. Heaps of them stay in an area in space called the “Asteroid Belt” between Mars and Jupiter, but some still find their way to Earth.

Meteoroids – smaller parts of an asteroid that enter earth’s atmosphere every day. When they do we call them meteors and when they actually hit earths ground is when we call them meteorites.

Okay, now all I’m left with are a few questions. Firstly, there are beliefs that asteroids and meteorites were the cause of dinosaur extinction. Could this actually be true? If so, what evidence would there be to prove such a theory? Also, have scientists or astrologists studied the damage they have done to other planets? I think that may be quite interesting to see their effects.

Thank you 🙂

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