Food in Space

This video was about how astronomers eat food in space. Surprisingly enough, there is a lot of different options that you can eat in space, though the meals are a bit different to what we have on Earth

As much as it’s an astronauts dream to live in space, your body has to undergo a few new systems to adapt to its new weightless environment. This means changing your diet and the amount of food you take in. First you’ve got to make your food consumption quite small since it’s very expensive to buy space food. So, since you can’t eat so much, the food has to be modified to pack in as much protein and nutrients as it can because, how else are you going to keep healthy? The food the astronauts eat must be packaged too. If it weren’t then you’d just have bits and pieces floating all over the spaceship and you wouldn’t want that.

Now, what I’ve got left are some questions. I was wondering since these astronauts have to eat so little, how expensive is the food really? And what do the people who provide the food put in there to make sure the astronauts stay healthy? Also, do the astronauts have any say or preference in what they get to eat or is that all just left to the people on earth?

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