Space – Size and Scale

Astronomy is possibly the oldest and most researched subject in our world. We have studied it for countless generations and there is still heaps we don’t know. Astronomy is the study and nature of space and our solar system. This video reflection is about the size and scale of our solar system and putting it to an actual accurate scale.

In pictures, when we see two planets “in scale” they are put relatively close to each other. When we look at pictures we assume the space between the two planets is really very small compared to what it actually is. This goes for the solar system too. If we were to fly out and take a picture of the solar system with all the planets in there, we would fly out so far the planets would turn microscopic and there would be no point in taking the photo. So in order to fit it all in, people have to shorten the scale so we can see everything, which like I said before, changes our beliefs as to how far away the planets actually are from each other.

I’d love to experience this in person so the question I have is how amazing is it? What are the feelings you experience when you’re up there?



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