100 WC Week#22

It was the perfect day.  Birds were singing merrily, the sun was shining nice and bright accompanied by the soft, bouncy clouds. An airplane swept through them, gracefully cutting through the middle, leaving one oddly shaped like a violin, at least in my imagination. I was hanging out with my best friend on the summer holidays. We went to the beach, we went to theme parks and to top it all off we had just eaten some delicious, yellow gelato. I’m so glad we came to the Gold Coast. Could these holidays get any better?

A goal I had for this 100 word challenge was to try to make the audience feel a little happier. Lately my postings have been a little depressing or down so this time I feel like I wanted to shed a bit of light over my blog.

100 WC Week#15

Dear Diary,

What a day!

The streets of Rio were packed for the beach festival. Thousands of people were crowded in the streets dancing to the live music pounding through the speakers, easily heard from a few miles away. Everything was so bright. The decorations, the stalls, people’s clothes, the people themselves! Even the bins were a flourishing green. It was all just a blur of bright, florescent colours.

Tasha and I were mostly on the beach today but tomorrow we’re gonna go on a mysterious adventure! I’m not sure where, Tash didn’t tell me.

That’s all for now…


100 WC Week#11

“Hurry! Quick!”

I snatch out my phone and dial 000 immediately. One minute we’re skating at the park, the next we’re looking after the gash on the side of Jacob’s head.

“You’ve called 000, what’s your emergency?”

“My friend has fallen off his skateboard and has a massive scab on his head,”

“Where are you?”

“Skate Park in Dendy Reserve, how fast can you get here?”

“Fast, don’t worry,”

When the connection broke I know that they’re on their way.

“Hang in there, Jacob,” my friend, Tyler repeats. “You’ll be okay,”

100 WC Week#10

“How long?”
“It’s strange… how calm we’re acting. Like nothing is happening. I guess we were expecting it,”
I look around at my two friends and grin. Soon I’ll never be able to do that again. I take in my surroundings. Appreciate it them one last time.
“’One minute,”
That’s when it starts. I feel the cool metal seeping through me, slowly stiffening up my legs. It then travels up my body. I can’t move anything from my chest down. I take one last breath before I’m left as a cold, silver statue, right next to my best mates.

100 WC Week#9

Superboy woke from his sleep immediately. He ran to his window to see if the trouble was near. It was difficult to see at first but after his eyes adjusted to the darkness outside, Superboy could see the swirling of black, thick smoke and the flicker of an orange, red hot flame. It was obvious that the scream came from there. Before he could even think about it, Superboy had jumped through the open window and into the night sky, after all, it was his first instinct. From there, floating above his windowsill, Superboy went to save the day.

100 WC Week#8

The door opened and there it was. I couldn’t make it out at first then my eyes adjusted to the darkness. It had a sheet draped over half of it like it was in a rush to be hidden, well it probably was. I slowly creep over to where the old, wooden chest sits. There is a small, circular symbol on the top of the chest that I instantly recognize it. It is the same symbol that is on the necklace that both my parents wear. I slowly open the chest and reveal to myself what’s inside. Wow!

100 WC Week#6

Ashley stormed up to her house after the worst day ever. It was her twelfth birthday and absolutely no one remembered, apart from her parents, but that’s all! Not even her best friend Emma, remembered and she always remembers! Like always! After all the years they’ve known each other she’s never forgotten, so why today? Ashley runs up the steps to her front porch and unlocks her door. She marches in, throws her bag down and looks up. She was shocked to see all her friends and family gathered in her living room waiting.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!!” Everyone cheered.

100 WC Week#11

It’s Christmas! I love this time of year. Not because of the presents or Santa or anything like that but because of all the cool (and quite weird) decorations. Me and my family always go out around Christmas and look at all the lights lit up at night. One of my favourite times was when we went out and saw a massive white sheep in the middle of the highway. It was definitely one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. We took heaps of photos because, after all, who has ever seen a giant, inflatable sheep’s head before?

100 WC Week#10

“Okay class, Now I want to write about your worst fears.”
My mind instantly knows what I’m gonna write about. Even thinking about it makes me shiver.
I look over at my best friend, Megan, and she knows what I’m thinking
“I still don’t get it,” she says as we walk to our table. “How could something so tiny be that scary to you? I don’t understand it,”
We’re start writing and I’m basically trembling already. I put the title up the top of my page. I look and he word and shudder…


100 WC Week#9

I walk in the old, rundown home. I hope he’s here.
“Grandpa? Are you there?”
I keep searching. This is place he’d go to. Since he got sick, he doesn’t remember he lives with us now. He’s gone to his old home… I think.
I pass his red, overly dusty curtains. I remember those. Grandpa sometimes took them down for me to wear as a cape. I smile as I relive those memories.
I walk up the creaky, crooked staircase and call out to him again.                                                                      “Grandpa?”                                                                                                                                                                        I open the bedroom door and walk in.

Oh no.