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This BTN report was about possibly moving Australia Day and all the history behind the occasion.

As you all know, Australia Day is on the 26th of January. This was established because in the late 1700’s, Britain was in need of a place to keep their prisoners and Australia was the perfect fit. So, they arrived aboard the First Fleet and took possession of the land. Seeing as the Aboriginal People and Torres Strait Islanders had been living there for over 50 000 years with no real interruptions, seeing strange men arrive on a massive boat out of nowhere would be a bit confusing and scary. Not knowing anything about these people (who also happened to have guns) the Indigenous fought them, trying to protect their people and their land. Unfortunately, many of them lost their lives in this dispute.

Present Day, many, if not all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island People don’t believe that Australia Day is worth celebrating. They see it as the day of grief and an invasion by white men. This is fair seeing as they lost a lot of their people on this day around 230 years ago. Also on or around Australia Day, many people protest and believe that the celebration should be moved to a different day so that the Indigenous people are able to mourn over and respect those who did lose their lives while fighting to protect their people.  

There a many suggestions as to where to move Australia Day. Some say that January 1st would be a nice date seeing as this was when the first colonies of Australia decided to combine to become one, big country. Others suggest January 25th as it is the day before English settlement and the last day that Australia was only inhabited by indigenous people. Other options are ANZAC Day in April or Wattle Day in September although there are still plenty of people who believe that January 26th is perfect for this occasion.

Some things that I am still thinking about is WHETHER WE SHOULD MOVE AUSTRALIA DAY AND IF SO, WHEN TO?






BTN Magna Carta

This BTN report is about King John and the Magna Carta and the history behind it all.

King John was the ruler of England from 1199 to 1216. He wasn’t initially meant to be the king but he is the YOUNGEST SON IN HIS FAMILY and all his older brothers died, he was left with the throne. Early in King John’s reign, he LOST A LOT OF LAND IN FRANCE WHICH HE THEN TRIED TO WIN BACK BY FIGHTING EXPENSIVE WARS WITH HIS PEOPLE’S MONEY. Obviously the kingdom was upset with this and some of the barons formed an army and forced the king to listen to their complaints. From there, they negotiated some laws and rules that later became known as the Magna Carta. Even though KING JOHN AGREED TO THIS, HE STILL BROKE MANY OF THE LAWS. In doing so, his actions then started a civil war.

This story represented to many people that kings and queens don’t have all the power and that the subjects have a right to be respected. Also, the Magna Carta, through its time, managed to become British Law and some of it made it into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It also helped Thomas Jefferson when he wrote the American Declaration of Independence. There is still a copy in Parliament House from 1297 to show that it is a document worth celebrating.

A question I am left with after finding out this information is if there are pieces or principles of the Magna Carta that apply to any other country’s laws.



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Question –  Bold

BTN Greece in Trouble

This BTN story is about Greece and its financial struggles.

Lately, Greece has had a bit of a hard time financial wise. This is because they have already spent all their money on things and don’t have any left. Now, some of the other countries in Europe have been trying to help Greece out by giving them some loans, and their prime-minister has agreed to this. Most Greeks don’t want this because they know that they’ll have to pay it back at one stage or another. But for now, Greece is quite poor and their money is de-creasing. At the moment, the jobs in Greece are highly un-paid. I wonder if Greece will be able to re-pay the money?

BTN, GST Rates

This BTN story is about GST, what is it and how it may start rising.

Firstly, GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. Goods are most simple things like food, water and clothes. Services are things that people do for us like Taxi Services, Schools and things like that. The GST tax means that 10% of what we pay for our goods and services go straight to the government to use on other things. The GST tax normally makes about 50 billion dollars a year! Tony Abbot, our prime minister, wants to raise the GST rates just a little higher but all the other states must agree to this. A question I have is, has the GST rates risen? If not, will they?

BTN On you Feet

This BTN story is about sitting down and what it is secretly doing to us.

Did you know, that sitting down for too long is going to give you future problems? People sit down for too long our days. An average adult spends about 9 hours on the couch a day! When you sit down your body stiffens up, so you are recommended to get up and stretch or go for a little walk. If you don’t it may lead to health problems in the future, like heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Something that I wonder about is when did they find all this information out?

BTN Quarantine Laws


This BTN story is about Johnny Depp’s dogs, Pistol and Boo and why they’re causing such a drama.

Johnny Depp was just flying over to Australia to shoot his new Pirates of the Caribbean movie with his two gorgeous little dogs, Pistol and Boo, when he got stopped at the airport and was ordered to put the dogs in quarantine. He refused. So agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce had to get involved. He said if Johnny Depp didn’t put his dogs in quarantine or take them back to California, they would put them down! Quarantine is a place where all sorts of animals, even plants, get put when coming from overseas. They do this to make sure the animals and plants don’t have any deadly viruses that could spread and kill everyone. Pistol and Boo didn’t have any and got back to California safely.

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BTN, Bust a Move

This BTN story is about a dance studio called Bust a Move (BAM). It is for disabled people to get up and have fun!

BAM is a studio where disabled people go and dance. They are actually pretty well known and got invited to this year’s Special Olympics in LA. But this isn’t the first time they went. Two years ago, BAM was invited to go to the Special Olympics in Newcastle. They did an awesome job and had the time of their lives! They performed on a stage in front of 40 000 people! They love to dance so they enjoyed every second of it.

If you want to check out the this episode, go to


This BTN story was about an 11 year old kid named Rhys who is a DJ!

Rhys goes by the name Black Summer. He is a DJ at just 11 years old. He gets his tracks played on Triple J Unearthed, an ABC radio station. The station gets a lot of great music from all types of people but not from an 11 year old. Flume, a famous DJ sent a message to Rhys saying that his music is awesome and that he should keep at it. Rhys was so happy that he got this message and on top of that, his music was playing on a radio station!

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BTN Anzac Biscuits

This BTN story is about Anzac Biscuits.

Anzac Biscuits have a long history. They were made just after the soldiers came back from Gallipoli. Legend has it, the Biscuits were sent to the troupes on the Western Front because they did not need to be refrigerated and could last a long time. Anzac Biscuits were also sold at fetes to make money for the War Effort.

To make Anzac Biscuits, your main ingredients are rolled oats, sugar, flour, melted butter and golden syrup.                                                                                                                                                                                   Firstly, you mix all dry ingredients together, then you add water, bi-carb soda, melted butter and golden syrup.

 After the hard bits done, you put it in the oven and wait until its golden brown.

I hoped you enjoyed reading about these yummy biscuits!

Here’s the link if you wanted to see the video…

BTN Reef Funding

This BTN story is About saving the Great Barrier Reef.

The Federal Government said they were going to chip in 100 million dollars toward saving the Great

Barrier Reef. The reef is in danger because of a lot of reasons. Extreme weather could damage it,

Climate change could heat the water and kill animals and Pollution could do the same thing. There

are also things that people are doing to destroy the waters like fishing and poaching, farm chemicals

and sand being dumped everywhere in the reef. A nearby school are breeding tropical fish to save

them. It is difficult but they are determined to do so.

The Great Barrier Reef is a beautiful and unique icon so I hope that we can save it!