Q & A about the stolen generation (BTN)

1.What was the main point of the story?

The main point was that indigenous people wanted equal rights and wanted the stolen generation to stop. They also wanted the government to apologise for what happened in the past.

2. Why do you think the indigenous children taken were known as the ” stolen generation ” ?

Because, they were stolen from their families, identities, culture, lifestyle, name and their home town.

3. It was the government policy that indigenous children be removed. Why do you think they thought that this was necessary? 

We thought that the government were trying to give the indigenous children a better life, but they were wrong. They thought that if they took them away to a European school they would have a better education and a better life.

4. ” They thought they were doing the right thing.” How has social policy changed?

Everybody has realised that it doesn’t matter what religion you follow or what you look like because everybody is different.

5. What does the sentence ” a gross violation of human rights” mean?

  A gross violation of  human rights means that when people of different religions or backgrounds have unfair rights to people of different religions or backgrounds. It also means that they have attacked the indigenous peoples rights.

6. What is assimilation? 

Not everyone is the same so you need to incorporate everyone for them selves, and the act of becoming a part of the European lifestyle.

7. Imagine being taken away from your family. How does it make you feel?

Being taken away from my family makes me feel: disgusted, lonely, scared, angry, sad, ashamed and neglected.

Why I Should be a 2015 Buddy

I know that I would make a great Buddy because I have good communication skills, I work well with others and I will always encourage them to have a go.

Firstly, I can communicate well with younger or older people. I have two younger cousins and I adore them. One is six years old and the other is three years old. The three year old is very sensitive but I introduced myself to him and now he likes me. The six year old sometimes slaps me ( because he thinks it’s funny) but I can tell him to stop nicely and he does. I communicate well with my cousins and I believe that is a skill you need to be a good buddy.

Secondly, I am confident about working with younger kids. My mum sometimes has to work on the weekends and we have to come with her. I help the kids in her class (kindergarten) I my Mum praises me and says that I do a good job. That is another skill that you need to be a good Buddy

Lastly, I will encourage them and be enthusiastic about their learning. I will always tell them to have a go and to try their best. I will try my very best to make them happy and cared for.

I Know that I would make the best Buddy because I can communicate with people, I can work well with people and I will encourage them to be there very best!

BTN: Hand Writing

This B.T.N story was about cursive handwriting and wether we should still use it.

In Finland, all schools are abandoning handwriting lessons are replacing them with typing lessons. People say that it will worsen your spelling but some say it is a valuable skill to have.

I wonder what is so bad about handwriting, I know that people think it is a waste of time but if you have to do a written assignment you might get marked down for neatness, so why do Finland want to scrap it altogether?

If you want to watch the whole video on handwriting, click on the link below.